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Your Business is an extension of you which means it is a part of you, a part of every fiber of your being. You breathe it, eat it, and sleep it so it is present in nearly all areas of your life even when you are not there. When it is going well it is the best thing since sliced bread BUT when it is not going well it is the toughest space to be in and it drags you down lower than anyone around you will ever realise because you do an amazing job hiding it! 


Take on an accountability partner who will guide, mentor, and coach you into running a business that is focused on progression and improvements in all areas. Increase revenue and take back control with these quarterly check-in sessions.


- 1:1 private Zoom business development sessions

- Accountability sessions and progression sessions

- Unpacking tough scenarios to find workable and realistic solutions

- Vision board and strategy creation for clarity 

- Solution focuses

- Full transparency (therapeutic) in a safe and private space

- Actions and timelines


Get one session complimentary when you book this package.


*The 4 Sessions occur in these months only: 

- January 2024

- April 2024

- July 2024

- October 2024


- December 2024 (wind down and plan- essential for 2025 growth strategy development) 

Quarterly Accountability Sessions