A 'Mystery Shop' occurs when you least expect it!

Its purpose is to see your business through fresh eyes. To uncover areas that need immediate attention (front of house, systems, cleanliness, level of service, Cead Mile Failte, menu analysis, food analysis, observations and a list of recommendations).


It starts with a visit that you may anticipate, however your staff will not. The intention is to see, in person, how your team works and what areas your team may need to improve upon. It is a gentle undercover analysis that allows you incredible insight.  Food and drink are sampled and the processes surrounding each order. A list of strengths and weaknesses will be sent to you directly within a week. 


This service looks at menu ideas, simplifying processes, current equipment needs (a possible immediate equipment investment could yield potential revenue increase).


Tracie will highlight areas that require immediate attention and solutions to any problems that may have arisen.


This exercise is intense and exhausting for you as Tracie does not hold back. Tracie will tell you harsh truths in order for you to act fast and take back control. It is virtually impossible for you to work IN your business and ON your business. That is why this one-day MYSTERY shop allows you to focus your attention on specific tasks and areas that will make the biggest difference.


*Diesel and travel time is extra, along with any food costs incurred.