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Tracie Daly | Food Business Coach | Cafe Consultant | Freelance Recipe Tester | Business Coach and Mentor

  • "I have a fantastic product and i need to develop it further, how can you help?"
    I will work directly with you to create a focused food strategy. This strategy will unveil the direction you want to go in the immediate future with this product. From here i can then develop recipe and dish titles. Once we agree on the dishes, i will then write, test and develop each dish so it is ready to be shared across every platform you operate. I will also photograph each dish so you can see its finished look. I can also demonstrate each recipe to shareholders and groups (employees/ customers). This is a great way to highlight the products versatility.
  • "Who would best benefit from Coaching?"
    The shortest and most honest answer is everyone. Coaching has the ability to unearth dreams and goals that have the potential to become your reality. Coaching unsticks the stuck. It can create new avenues and pathways to get you where you need to be. Its a positive and progression based appraoch. Coaching works on your strengths to facilitate focused positive change. You take back control, you implement the strategies, you reap the rewards.
  • "I am a new business and I feel my menu needs a serious over haul already, what can you do to help?"
    I can arrive on-site and firstly see for myself. I will look at your menu design, product placement, pricing, ingredients, the development of the dish from kitchen to table. I will taste and review. I will engage with staff to gain more intel and review findings to ensure going forward you have a better offering. I can create bespoke in-house dishes to give you the edge.
  • "I'm sinking and I dont know what to do! My dream coffee shop is dragging me down, how can you help?"
    By mixing Coaching with Consultancy I start with a private and confidential one-on-one Coaching session where we assess the reality of your current situation against how it was meant to be and from here we look at the desired future and create a strategic plan. I then pop on my chef whites and take your business apart to put it back together again leaving you with specific recommendations on how to get your ship floating healthily once again.
  • "I think my staff are not working effectively when I'm not there, and I am afraid the dishes are not finished with as much care when my back is turned, do you do mystery shopping?"
    Yes, I love being a mystery shopper, especially when the boss is away. It is a great chance to see staff shine and yes sometimes the opposite. It is very effective to utilise my mystery shopping report when training staff. Feedback to feed forward is a brilliant way to improve your offerings on every level.
  • "The social media for my business isn't strong or cool enough and it could be a lot better, what can I do?"
    Social media and iphone photography is another of my specialities. Go to any of my social media pages to see for yourself. The links are on the front page of my site. I will come to you for a masterclass in all things social media. We will spend the day fine tuning your skill set, looking at worthwhile apps and ensuring that going forward you are making a positive impact on your social media channels. I look forward to helping you and your business.
  • "Covid 19 just kicked my ass! I don't know where to begin, what can I do?"
    First, pick up the phone and call me on 0851755005. Let's see what your reality and scenario look like and from there we can create plans and steps for your next move. Staying dormant is not the solution, so let's find the right course of action just for you.
  • "Coaching is a joke, how can you actually help me?"
    Challenge accepted! I thrive in awkward scenarios, life can be a royal bitch at times but believe it or not that it what it is and it is the same for everyone. The only thing to remember- it's how you deal with it that really matters. Get a handle by hiring a Coach. I will make you work harder than you have ever worked, every task I set you is to get you to the next page, it is to ensure you move forwards. Soon you will begin to see progress that you can own, that is achieved by you alone. Coaching is empowering and so rewarding. Trust the process and try something new.
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