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Guest Speaker


Having walked the walk of owning, running, and closing an award-winning cafe I can now talk the talk from a place of compassion, understanding, heartache, and the knowledge that I would do it all over again for the same outcome if given a second chance! 

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To love and lose can make you or break you!

My experience sent me on a journey to create the woman, advisor, advocate, mentor, and coach that I needed when I sat on my bakery kitchen floor, surrounded by combi ovens, stainless steel, and a broken spirit.

I now know that that had to happen. It was meant to be that way!

I achieved outstanding results from that business. I won awards and accolades because we were niche and outstanding. The recession kicked my ass and forced my hand and closing was the best option. I watched my business decline for 6 months. But I made a strategic decision and choice- I left not owing one fekn penny! My suppliers were my priority along with my team and the bank! We left with the same integrity that we started with. My values will always inform my decisions! A gift I take from my father, Malachy Daly.

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Mindset is the secret ingredient to success

Getting back up and knowing that my purpose was to teach, educate and inspire allows me to be this brave, outspoken, inspiring 40-something-year-old who is only interested in adding value at every opportunity. I see the merit of that experience and how it fuels my every day- to minimise the pain a small business can have on its owner. This is the sole reason I Coach and Mentor in this space.

Let's work together to create an honest and open chat about business, hurdles, overcoming challenges, and how brain training for that mindset shift is essential to thriving. Let's inspire your audience to try harder, think differently, and get out of their comfort zone.

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Being self-employed can mean that you work 12 hours a day for yourself so you don't have to work 8 hours a day for someone else!


Telling me you run/ ran a business or dream about owning and running a cafe, is telling me you have a passion that sets you apart from almost everyone else. Taking that leap is a fabulous blend of utter madness mixed with necessity, a necessity to fix a problem, improve a service or create a product we cannot live without. Or sometimes it is greed- "why are they raking it in? All I want is a piece of that pie". Then we realise that earning a decent wage from a small business takes SO MUCH MORE THAN knowing a thing or two! 

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