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1) This one-day turnaround takes your business apart and puts it back together again. Start with a one-on-one Coaching session in order to paint a clear picture of what this business means to you and to unravel a few potentially tough truths.

2) This is followed by a mystery shop. Which includes a review of processes, hospitality, cleanliness, menu offering, speed of service, delivery and presentation.


3) A rapid-fire day where Tracie 'works' onsite with your team (chef whites at the ready) and pinpoints necessary areas that require immediate attention in order to increase revenue.


4) A intensive review of FOH and BOH systems. It is the overhaul that you and your business deserve.


5) It takes months to implement all of the agreed and recommended changes. Tracie sends you a review and an action plan after her visit so you stay on track and hold yourself accountable.


6) It is financially very rewarding for you and your business to undergo this one-day overhaul. This is the re-set button that you MUST implement in order to thrive instead of suffering. Do not accept the intense, pressurised gruelling daily grind that has been your reality, take back control and let's get started!

7) To ensure your progress, this offer includes 3x hour-long Zoom calls over the chosen duration. This ensures you are making progress and following through on critical actions required for tour success.



'you saved my business'

'I could not have survived COVID without your help'

'I couldn't believe my profits rose in the first week'

'My bank balance reflected a fantastic increase in profits in the first month'


*Recieve a one hour Zoom session to discuss your personalised Report and Review

*Diesel is extra, charged per km

BEST SELLER. The one-day cafe turnaround

  • Once this package is purchased and a date and day is confirmed there is no room for changes or refunds. GIve yourself the best chance and follow through. It's over in a day and it has the potential to really increase your businesses revenue.