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MAsterclass in Phone Food Photography.


This is an intensive 4-hour onsite class.

Tracie packs up her car with backdrops, lights, and other elements that may be needed & demonstrate in your place of work/ food business how straightforward her processes are to capture that delicious photo that will encourage more spending and create more online engagement due to your improved mouth-watering imagery.


This Masterclass is 1:1 which means you learn all of Tracie's tips, hints, and tricks that she uses to create her very own mouth-watering content directly with Tracie. She holds your hand during every step so that you can learn in a safe and non-judgmental environment.  Tracie also uses your menu, your food, and your dishes to ensure you are learning using your surroundings which will amplify your end results and ensure you know how best to use your surroundings once the class is over. The only way to get ahead is to invest in talent and education- take Tracie's Masterclass today.


Tracie will then spend time taking 20/ 30 pictures of your business, offering, team, and location. These images will be edited and created into an album and sent to you within a few days of the Masterclass. This means you can utilise these images any time you like on any of your platforms. 


Any queries or concerns, send an email asap to

*Diesel is extra

Masterclass- Onsite Phone Food Photography Course



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