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Get funding to develop your business

Onsite, intensive Courses with The Restaurant and Hospitality Skillnet - Feel supported today!

Restaurant Hospitality Skillnet

2024- Plan for success

Prepare yourself and your business to make 2024 your best year by starting as you mean to go on. Book your onsite 1:1 Review and Reset Package today and let's make sure January starts with you taking back control.

Tracie stays with you for three months as your remote confidant, so that any actions that need to be implemented can be successfully implemented with her by your side. 

Stop waiting for a miracle and invest in being proactive instead.

2024 Services available through the Skillnet


Quarterly Workshops for Cafe Success

  1. 4 x one-day workshops where you work on your business spread out over 2024

  2. Prepare you and your business to stabilise your foundations and grow strategically

  3. Understand how to plan and measure success

  4. Understand the vital importance of strategic networking

  5. Learn the layers involved in being an Independent Food Business Owner

  6. Spend 12 months prioritising your potential

  7. Meet the team of expert speakers and experience panel discussions based on your direction (this is centered on you and your needs)

  8. Receive 50% funding from Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet

  9. Stop waiting for shit to change- make it change by putting yourself in the right room!

  10. Follow the link to see dates, titles, guest speaker line-up, dates and location

Funding of 50%

Value: €800

Skillnet support of €400

Your Business pays: €400

Onsite business review with 3 follow-up coaching sessions for success. 

  1. Onsite mystery shop.

  2. 1:1 business coaching with the business owner.

  3. Site analysis- in-depth.

  4. Menu analysis- in-depth.

  5. Assessing pain points.

  6. Review and report.

  7. Actions.

  8. PLUS Three remote follow-up Business Development sessions.

  9. Tracie stays with you for 3 months to ensure you make progress and headway by implementing the recommendations from the onsite review. Isolation stops progress- this element ensures you feel supported and that you see CLEAR RESULTS through increased revenue.

Funding of 20%

Value: €895

Skillnet supports: €179

Your Business pays: €716

Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by Eaters Collective

Onsite 1:1 Phone Food Photography Course for Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants

  1. Learn how to set up

  2. Understand the layout for a great photo

  3. Learn how to use lighting

  4. Learn how to use the rule of thirds

  5. Learn how to edit and brand each picture.

  6. Receive a photography document that you can use to upskill your team once you have mastered the new skill. It is important that we teach others how to teach so that skills are transferred.

  7. Tracie will also take photos and share a Google folder of images with you so that you have a body of work to use and access, mirror, and review after the session.

Funding of 20%

Value: €495

Skillnet support of €99

Your Business pays: €396

Onsite menu review, menu development, and waste reduction

  1. Onsite 1:1 review of operation and menu.

  2. Onsite kitchen and equipment review.

  3. The client will receive SOPs (standard operating procedures) for menu planning, menu design, menu tasting, menu analysis, menu development, menu-assessment, menu engineering, and menu costing which are all essential for success.

  4. Full review of current menu, layout, and engineering with immediate recommendations made. 

  5. Review of balance for kitchen labour and menu variety.

Funding of 20%

Value: €595

Skillnet supports €119

Your Business Pays €476

Image by Erik Mclean
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