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It starts with an idea.

Tracie Daly

At Your Service

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Hiring TDAYS is rewarding and a hugely beneficial decision, not only to you personally but to your team and to your business. The benefit of having over 25 years of Industry experience means you are in expert hands. It is a business relationship that carries on for as long as you need.

Case study:

A beachside take away coffee shop.

Before becoming a Consultant | Coach | Mentor on this project, it was a discreet, muted coffee stop with an extremely limited menu. It did not sing it just remained in the background doing its thing quietly. Sounds sweet perhaps, but business is money and a dream without a consistent revenue stream is a living nightmare.

So, this is where TDAYS came into play!

My preferred first step is to rock up and get a feel for the space, the location, the owner, the staff, the locals, the habits…….

There is so much more to a business than its cash register. This aerial view initiates the beginning of a real plan that takes into consideration factors that will negatively and positively impact its potential and sustainable growth.

From here the vision is developed further, creativity flows, and your business begins to take on its true potential. Some areas that were covered on this project were: expanding on the clients strengths and weaknesses and ensuring she knew her own self-worth, menu creation, menu planning, recipe testing, kitchen design, systems, ordering, service, staff training, waste reduction. It was an overhaul and investigation with tailored creations and suggestions to suit the individual business needs.

The sole purpose is to treat the individual and then to build up around that individual to encourage, inspire, motivate, and champion. Being self-employed is bloody intense so working on the individual first allows for the real magic to occur. From here we collaborated so her business could reach its full potential. And to say It has been one hell of a journey is an understatement.

So, this little beachside coffee spot has now developed into something incredibly special. It has welcomed huge growth season on season. You must remember that it takes a huge commitment from the client (thankfully my client was all in from our first meeting), this journey is intense, exhausting on every level and takes a large financial investment. For this to work you will have to work even harder but the difference is you begin to work even SMARTER and this is what creates the catalyst for change- you deciding you are all in.

The great news- currently, this little spot is looking to expand into triple its floor space. The menu TDAYS is currently developing is in keeping with the theme that has now become its SIGNATURE.

Thankfully this little spot is nothing like its competitors, mirroring is only good in a boardroom so I knew as much as I needed to know her competitors is was purely to understand their vision and execution of that vision and to see their menu allowed me even further insight. There is enough room for all to survive and remember competition is so healthy, it brings footfall and positive knock-on effects to other local businesses. Do not fear it, welcome it and you will remain stronger if you continue to grow alongside it.

The harsh reality- Rome was not built in a day. Just suck it up!

Overnight success was not on the agenda. The aim was to create the personality of the business and bring with it a delicious offering that was tried, tested, amended, and perfected with the focus being repetition and standardisation. Regardless of who is making and creating the products, the focus must be: ensuring the products looked and tasted as good every damn day no matter.

Thankfully customer satisfaction ensured repeat visits which increased the cash flow! Usually, happy customers would tell more people and this summer, regardless of COVID this business grew its trade, gained more traction and awareness in the locality and increased its minimum spend per head. TDAYS has been on board for the last two seasons as a Consultant and Mentor ensuring it is the best it can be while progressively growing its potential with every visit, fine-tuning the mistakes and offering clever solutions to all issues that arise, this being a TDAYS strong suit. Part of this contract was to stay onsite and work in each area, the reason being to fully understand the reality of every move and decision made you had to see every issue as it arises first-hand. By being hands-on TDAYS can create real-time solutions through rewriting systems, rewriting recipes, re-training staff and making real-time suggestions.

This little gem of a place is on the right path to becoming something incredibly special indeed. It is three seasons in operation. From where it was to where it is, has been a journey and a half. To have stayed as it was would have been the biggest mistake that business could have made. However, a chance meeting that sparked one of her best decisions has ensured her future within this space has real potential of lasting thanks to this magical collaboration, trust, respect and investment.

Collaborating is the key to sustainable growth and success.


Tracie Daly At Your Service.


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