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At The Pass

If your food/ hospitality business is struggling or you are worried about what the hell 2023 will look like then myself, Orla Byrne , Noel Murray, PhD and Chris Towers have collaborated to bring you a vital service through “At The Pass”.

We have brought a team of experts together to deliver vital knowledge and information that will help you in your hour of need. We want to support you on this journey and ensure you

1) receive expert and professional guidance in how to review your business to create a plan for 2023 then we have a webinar just for you or

2) have closed or decided to close your business then we have a workshop just for you.

Let us help you 🙏 Sign up here:

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This is me, in the raw so that you can learn and grow through my journey.

I had spent years planning my dream cafe.

I even gave up my sponsorship that was going to allow me call Australia 🇦🇺 home to come back to Ireland to put a 5yr plan together to open my dream cafe. Everything inside me felt as if this was the best choice and life decision for me!

On returning to Ireland I became a secretary in my sisters new Auctioneering business and there was a reason I did! I would spend every free minute designing my business from all angles. The research into menus and business planning was 18months long. I had folders and folders dedicated to this mission. I was ready 3.5 yrs ahead of schedule.

My other sister joined my dream and we brought to life The Two Dames Coffee Boutique in Kilkenny City. Her loyal and trusted following was amazing. We were ahead of our time as niche and high end casual dining was somewhat unheard of and we were what I set out for it to be!

Awards would be given to us by the mighty powers who saw what we were about. We made headlines. We created a bespoke cake design business within our business. I would sit and design cakes for weddings, parties, huge media launches. We were approached by businesses to be their food offering and become a chain within incredible Kilkenny businesses that were thriving and held in such high regard. We were approached by newspapers to do an expose on the impact of that blasted recession on our little cafe, we were loved and what is really important is that we loved and never took for granted the people that chose us to spend their hard earned money with.

As the recession took its grip in 2011, we knew that with footfall and minimum spend plummeting because disposable income was ripped from the hands of our amazing and loyal customers, that our little business of 25 seats was going to be in trouble. I remember sitting on the floor of my bakery, balling, hegging, absolutely inconsolable when I knew what the only option was so my brother Kelvin Daly sat there with me. A moment I will never forget because I couldn’t get up so he sat down in the trenches and in my darkest hour by my side.

We got out before it became ugly! Meaning, we paid every supplier and cleared our bank loan the day we closed our doors. I put in some of my life’s savings to ensure everyone around us was taken care of. We grew up in a house that mutual respect with those you collaborate with is essential and the only way to actually do business. My background is a whole other wild story that I’ll keep for another day ☺️

My heart broke 💔 It nearly destroyed me.

The next chapter is full of mixed emotions and winding roads…

There is life after closure, & that I can absolutely promise. But only the right mindset will allow you to live a new life by design otherwise you will fall and stumble for too long and miss what is in front of your own eyes! And your mindset is in your hands ONLY- no one is responsible for that only YOU!

Go to and let us help you 🙏

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