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Why food businesses are so fu*d!

The truth- why are food businesses so fu*d? You’ve got 100% net turnover that is stripped and divvied every which way. You have food costs (food waste is massive and not only are you paying for the food you can’t use (spoiled/bruised/ are also paying to dump the damn stuff so your price just doubled!). Food spoils, food denatures, food is bloody temperamental and expensive so it’s a volatile and expensive product. Don’t forget packaging costs for food inwards, that also needs to be dumped and it costs you! And packaging for the new norm- takeaway food: disposable knife, fork, spoon, parchment, bags, boxes, glass jars, napkins.....they each cost the business SO much money and the consumer then pays to dump them! Wages- labour costs are the biggest overhead in a food business- it’s a damn service which requires human representation, do you know what’s involved in training staff? Do you know what’s involved if staff call in sick? Do you know what it takes for food businesses to ensure they pay their staff? correctly and on time? It usually consists of the owner/operators taking a massive drop in their wage in the hope it gets better, in the hope next week is the winning week! Overheads- Christ everything is an overhead especially in a pandemic. Rent is the most painful word used in the company of a food business owner, it causes bile to stream from their eyes, an overhead that has escalated for years with the most painstaking price wars causing it to increase at an alarming rate. If your rent isn’t below a certain % of your overall margin then your profits are screwed even further- who takes that hit? You, the business owner, the entrepreneur that is too kind to say NO! Consider the expense of operating safely for everyone’s health and well being- Covid stickers & signage everywhere, hand sanitiser everywhere, new disposable or wipeable menus, new SOP’s to ensure the cleaning regime is highlighted, face shields/masks, more pens than you can shake a stick at, screens here there and everywhere, training then more training then more training then seeing as the cafe/restaurant document is a living document it means you must train and educate as new measures are created or amended. The social aspect of dining is diminished, operating costs are increased, profits are decimated! So many businesses have employed third party delivery- HUGE EXPENSE to your business- profit no more!

What’s the solution? We all have ideas 💡 I know I certainly do. The first half-hour

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