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Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of my business. I collaborate with my clients daily in order to trouble shoot and bridge gaps while also challenging them to question beliefs and boundaries that no longer serve them. It is an incredible space to be in.

I had a mission for 2023 to make my services more accessible to a wider audience. And I am so immensely happy to say I have achieved that with my collaboration with the Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet. They are changing the face of hospitality through training and services which is needed now more than ever.

My business is predominantly based on 1:1 services (more news coming soon…).

The reason being, when I had a cafe I would partake in courses and they were brilliant but I always wanted something that focused on just my business. Having owned and run an award winning cafe I know, first hand, what it needed and what it is like and I know the isolation and fear can be so overwhelming. So my 1:1 services ensure each business is the focus along with their owner because that is where we get real and long lasting work done. We bridge gaps quicker with more sustainable and measurable results that can be seen within the first week. Business is money, passion, leadership and dedication. Get the order wrong and you risk it all.

So, if you know a cafe or solopreneur in the food world, tell them I’ve got them, thanks to Skillnet.

I must add value and make a difference so this funding will allow me to help more wonderful food businesses and their owners.

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