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Get your head in the game!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Tracie Daly


Business is...

Business is Business.

Sometimes  seen as a means to providing a living for yourself and your team, to add a unique offering, to create awareness. Business is tough.Business is rewarding.

Business is the most intense learning curve. Every day you learn if you want to. You must be open to it, if you are not that’s when it starts to get tough. You forget to switch off. You become everything you said you wouldn’t. you don’t see the good in everyone or everything. Your staff and customers are affected as they see more clearly what it is you are desperately trying to hide.

Business is Business.

Business is not about you, it is about the product, the brand and the experience. When did we forget to work on the experience? The experience is truly the icing on the cake. The Irish “Cead Mile Failte” is a truly beautiful thing. In the right hands backed with true sentiment it is a lingering virtual hug.

My sister was in a food establishment and greeted the owner and received nothing in return, she was emptying her pockets in her till and received a cold lack lustre over-all experience. Such a waste of lost revenue going forward. Tune in and switch on.


Business is Business.

Hospitality is a stage show backed with skill, expertise, and experience and most importantly TRAINING. What is it you are trying to achieve and why? What do you require from a casual dining experience yourself when you are parting with your hard-earned cash??????? Emulate your needs by training your staff. I find customers tend to blame staff, I believe training is paramount, monitoring and up-skilling is essential to set and maintain standards and it comes from the top down.

Rant over.

Be your best self, keep your head in the game and up-skill as often as you can in order to inspire and train your staff. Put on an award-winning performance that won’t lodge in your throat

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