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Let me share with you the book that changed my life.

Starting on Monday the 9th of May 2022, I will be reading for 30mins only, LIVE on Instagram.

The plan is to jump on live EVERY Monday at 9pm until I complete the book for you.

What‘s the book you ask?

I will share its title with you all tomorrow night, which is the first of the episodes dedicated to me letting you in on my secret “ The book that changed my life”.


Sharing trade secrets is crucial to create a tribe of like minded people. I love the idea of being in a position to help others. I also work with people every single day who beat themselves up, who tell themselves that they are not good enough, who suffer from imposter syndrome, who doubt their worth, who cannot see their greatness. I must help to change this.

As a solopreneur & Food Business Coach I get to share my wealth of knowledge, techniques and ideas with my clients daily. But the biggest hurdle is our MINDSET. A negative mindset will fuck you up and prevent growth and success or it will ensure your journey takes much fricken longer and unnecessarily more gruelling as a result. You are your own best gift. You are in charge of your success or misery! What do you choose?

Let’s take back control and start learning how to live well.

See you tomorrow night, at 9pm, LIVE on Instagram @traviedaly_food ✨

Have a pen and paper ready and a cup of tea, I didn’t say it was going to be easy but I did say it’s for ONLY 30mins.

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