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Eat your damn pancakes!

Said no one ever!!! I don't even have to be asked twice to eat my pancakes as I flipping love a good pancake with delicious and thoughtful toppings.

And by thoughtful I mean a recipe that was tried and tested and curated especially with the diner in mind!

Can you think of a time when you had

1) far too many toppings which is sinful!

Food waste is criminal and is a huge expense to a business and as a result, it drives up labour costs. SO are you losing money by being too generous! DO you watch your food that comes back on plates and monitor it hourly and daily? DO you know what is hit or miss on your menu because you investigate your food waste bins? If you want to do better then you have to know better- check your bins!

2) too little toppings which is also sinful!

If 91% of unhappy customers want to TALK ABOUT IT! And an unhappy customer will tell up to 20 people how dissatisfied they were about their experience, how many potential customers are you LOSING! A customer wanting more because you were mean is an unhappy customer and that is bad for business. Price your dish and give adequate amounts. Have a price in place for extra toppings so at least the customers can ADD more if they wish. Trial a recipe and get feedback from your entire team on appearance, presentation, portion size, flavour, consistency, temperature (hot food hot plate!), recommendations, observations, suggestions........ Get outside of your own head if you want to progress your business!

3) the toppings just aren't pleasant or enjoyable!

Sometimes you can get it wrong and the dish just doesn't work. It lacks cohesion. Consider deconstructing and starting from scratch OR make a bold move and bin the idea altogether and recreate it. Get your damn EGO in check and suck it up! So you created a shit dish and THAT'S OK because you will learn more in that process than you will if you hadn't!

Retro classics are always a winner so instead of trying to be cool or hip or forever feeling you have to put a twist on it, go backwards to a classic and bring it forwards.


Happy Pancake Tuesday my lovelies.

I hope these tips and hints help you to do better because you know better!

Tracie Daly

At Your Service

Food Business Coach

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