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You have the power to implement positive change!

How can you be apart of something greater than yourself?

For a lot of people, sitting back and allowing others to do their thing because 'sure I can't make a difference, I'm only one person'! WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

Small businesses are struggling- eh nothing new there and it's obviously worse now than it has ever been. I'm boring you by telling you something you know already- RIGHT?

What if you could help?

Would you?

Could you?

Will you?

Can you stop overthinking it for a second and realise that -EVERY LITTLE HELPS-

So, what can you do that won't cost you a penny but may POTENTIALLY help a struggling business or Entrepreneur?

1) choose the businesses or Entrepreneurs that you admire and that you already buy from or invest in.

2) highlight them every now again on ALL of your social media platforms. There are shi*loads of platforms so over time choose one and share until you have reached full coverage on all of your platforms, pull your finger!

3) share a positive experience as a direct result of said person/ product/ service.

4) share a post that they have uploaded BUT for the love of GOD add your own text. A share is just useless without VALIDATION from the source. So grow a pair of balls and take an extra 5 SECONDS to say something flipping nice that is also SINCERE.

4) up your game and make a dedicated effort to help.

The bottom line-

1) you can make a difference

2) you can help without serious investment- it's literally a MINUTE of your time. And if that is too much time to give to endorsing a person/ product/ service during these unprecedented times then you could look at my Private and Confidential Coaching Sessions! We have a bit of work to do, so let's get started!

3) you can potentially help a struggling business.

4) do good = feel good

helping others is invigorating, it feeds the soul and by doing good you feel good!

Now, start looking at your local/ national businesses that you love and admire and believe in, you will have more than 1 and less than 20. Start supporting them from the comfort of your seat, through your mobile phone while you have a spare minute. They need all the Guardian Angels they can get.

Thank you for helping.

Tracie Daly

Food | Business | Coach


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