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Three essential ways to make more money in your food business

How can you make money in a food business?

Here are 3 Essential ways for you and your food business to make more money.

Use the pictures (save them and print them, pop them on your wall)

to fully understand and implement a strategy based on your business needs.

These three simple ways must be unpacked based on your current business and your desired business state. What is it you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve that? Is your reason aligned with your mission and vision?

1- unpack what each means to you and your business.

2- task individuals with owning a specific number and create metrics/ KPI’s that essential to implementing and managing each.

3- use the KISS anagram- Keep It Simple Stupid- start small, maximise on your resources before spending or investing then create a plan with timeframes and accountability attached.

4- review, measure, amend, grow, repeat

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