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The incredible Sponsors that stepped up to make At The Pass possible.

It takes a village to create momentum and positive change. At The Pass was developed and actioned in order to help and support hospitality businesses in Ireland who are facing challenges or who have had to close.

Running a business has so many moving parts and for lots of people it is a very rewarding space but when the climate takes a turn it can become a frightening and very unpredictable space. We, At The Pass, want to equip hospitality owners and operators with the information that will make a difference by mixing business expertise with mindset expertise.

But none of this is possible without our team of sponsors who believe in what we have set out to achieve.

Huge thank you to:

➡️ Nigel Daly of The Front Room in Kilkenny for being so quick to support our mission

➡️ Ronan Byrne of KPP Group Kilkenny for sponsoring us without hesitation

➡️ Ballymaloe's Foods for believing in what we are offering At The Pass and jumping to support

➡️ Declan de Lacy of PKF who is not only sponsoring but also offering his expertise in order to help those that need it

The offering:

Managing Changes & Big Decisions

Webinar - Monday, 23 January 2023, 9.15am

A full day online webinar (allowing anonymous attendance) for business owners still operating, to identify and address areas for potential change, provide safe and impartial information, and assist in making serious decisions.

Topics covered:

- Developing a change mindset, Linda Breathnach (psychotherapist)

- Useful Ways to Assess and Change Your Business, Keith Darcy (business coach) & Tracie Daly (food business consultant)

- Changing your public relations, Ali Dunworth (food writer & PR) & Chris Towers (food & drink PR)

- Dealing with big decisions, Declan de Lacy (administrator) & Caroline Reidy (HR consultant & employment law)

- Meeting change makers, Domini Kemp (Itsa, Hatch & Sons) & Maria Flynn (Ballymakenny Farm)

- Preparing your mind and body for change, Patrick McKeown (author & breathing coach)

- Incorporating change and avoiding overwhelm, Linda Breathnach (psychotherapist)

Wrapping Up A Business & Moving On

Workshop - Monday, 30 January 2023, 9.15am

A full day interactive online workshop for business owners who have closed their business, to help celebrate their achievements, process emotionality, answer questions on administrative processes, and discuss next career moves.

Topics covered:

- Saying good bye and move on, Linda Breathnach (psychotherapist)

- Wrapping up a business, Declan de Lacy (administrator & liquidator)

- Managing the pubic narrative

- Identifying skillsets and exploring next career moves, Doreen Freeman (career coach transition)

- Moving on in good shape, Heather Maguire (gut health expert)

- Lessons from the other side, David Dunne (Knox restaurant) & Tracie Daly (food business consultant)

- Next stages & signposting

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