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The Excited Carrot

God damn the carrot is versatile and may be undervalued in some houses?!?

The reason is maybe it is usually easier to do what you know rather than what you don't! Makes sense!

Trying something new is a RISK. And sometimes these risks are insanely delicious and rewarding and sometimes it's a full-on sh*t show with nothing but wash-up as a reminder :-)

How about I set you a challenge to create something from my list of suggestions and you then have to send me updates & pics on what was great and what was absolutely pants!

From here you can start to write your very own cookbook! What's not to love about that challenge?

This month we have a whole host of delicious seasonal veg BUT for this post we are talking about all things CARROT and how versatile they are.

From starters to mains, to dessert, to smoothies, to sides... It can literally appear at every edible reason in your day!


- Juice- keep it straight up or add ginger, lemon and orange for a full-on extra delicious glass of nourishment!

- Porridge- add in some carrot juice or carrot puree with cinnamon and maple syrup for something new and fun, sprinkle over some walnuts or pumpkin seeds to brig in a necessary and delicious crunch.

- Granola- top your yoghurt with some delicious maple glazed carrots for a bit of fun

- Carrot smoothie- banana, carrot juice, honey, oats, kefir, natural yoghurt= delicious

- Carrot potato cakes with smoked trout, avocado, poached egg and a garlic kefir dressing with a sprinkle of chilli


- Spicy Coconut and carrot soup with a cumin oil to finish

- Pickled carrots, tuna and chilli wrap

- Raw slaw- beets, carrots, celeriac slaw= healthy heart raw slaw

- Fermented carrot sticks

- Carrot salad- roast, feta, walnuts, pomegranate, rocket

- Gingered Carrot, kale and lentil salad with orange roast duck

- Smokey carrot hummus with crusty fresh bread, olive oil and cured meats


- Roast carrots- keep them whole or halved on the length

- Glazed carrots- this method amplifies the stunning sweet flavour of the carrot

- In stews

- In braises

- In casseroles

- Hassleback carrots

- Slow roast chicken with honey glazed carrots

- Couscous and roast root vegetables

- Smoked cheese Pizza with Blackened carrots ribbons and carrot top pesto

Puddings & sweets-

- Cardamom, pistachio carrot cake

- Carrot muffins/ cupcakes

- Carrot cake

- Carrot rice pudding

- Carrot creme brulee with salted caramel shortbread

The point of the article is to elevate the Carrot within your kitchen and to promote and CELEBRATE a local grower and farmer while preparing something extra fabulous with their nurtured seasonal VEG.

TAG me- @traciedaly_food on insta with any of your new creations or even share with me your tried and trusted recipes or suggestions that you swear by. I adore recommendations so keep them coming :-)

Support local & Irish. Eat well. Live well.

Tracie Daly At Your Service

Food Business Coach

085 1755005

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