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Taking on Takeaways

Join me and the fabulous Chad Byrne as we take on the reality of taking on takeaways and what to do and what not to do! We talk in-depth about the reality of setting up a food truck and areas that require serious consideration.

Put on the kettle, grab a cup of tea then sit back and soak up some serious nuggets that will help you on your food journey.

Let me introduce Mr.Chad Byrne:

Chad Byrne

Exec Chef Brehon hotel, Collab Projects, The Hungry Donkey

2020 Irish Examiner chef of the year

2020 McKennas guide Peoples Champion

2019 Munster and Kerry food hero of the year

2018 Irish Chef of the year GMA

Food on The Edge Ambassador

Pop up champion with the industry generation-defining chef collab

And now the proud owner of the Hungry Donkey, a crowd-funded project that smashed its target in just 12hours.

Chad is held in very high esteem by his peers as the go-to man in the industry for pop up events and excellent no holds barred catering.

Shining positivity on kitchen ethics,

Member of Chefmanifesto where the best chefs in the world taking part to cook and inspire the future generation in an ethical and sustainable way.

Chad has huge experience in the takeaway market, with two previous successful ventures.

Instagram, Twitter, & LinkedIn:



And myself:

Tracie Daly

Award-winning entrepreneur with extensive experience in the Food and education sector. Designs and executes bespoke food business models and empowers business owners to transform their business to ensure growth. An innovative approach to recipe testing and creates sustainable business improvements to minimise risk for food business owners. Adept at streamlining operational processes to increase business efficiencies. Qualified executive business coach and chef. Passionate about the Irish Food Industry and helping business owners achieve their potential.

Tracie's advice and problem-solving skills are based on actual food service and hospitality industry experience. By collaborating with Tracie, you run the risk of unlocking your full potential by increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving your operation. Through Tracie's services, you are provided with human capital in the form of skills, knowledge, experience, training, teaching, mentoring, coaching, and consulting! The only objective for you and your business is long-term sustainable growth through better systems and consistency in all areas.

Tracie Daly

Food Business Coach & Mentor

085 1755005

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