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John and Mary!

Tracie Daly.

Food Business Coach.


Did you know food businesses/ restaurants spend so much time and energy trying to gain new followers and new customers? It can cost in time, energy and resources 6/8 times more than it costs to maintain repeat business. What does this mean?

Well, if you create a strategic plan for your business in how to attract as well as how to retain you could increase your sales all round. It is very easy to overlook 'John and Mary' who keep coming back, who keep their routine with you at the centre of it. We can take their dedication and support for granted. When we are surrounded by a pandemic and forced to change everything for the greater good we can lose sight easily. Take 10 mins today to picture 'John and Mary' in their two-up and two-down house. Where they have 'Alfie' the Jack Russell and their daughter 'Kate' who was stuck working in London working as a front-liner and couldn't get home. Imagine how your business was such a vital piece of their Covid puzzle as it was the weekly treat, it was the necessary spend and your business allowed them to feel normal throughout the madness. Don't overlook what you mean to them and don't look past them to find more customers. INCLUDE them and let them know how much they mean to you.

Taking a moment to think clearly, takes practice and effort. It is such a worthy exercise as it has the ability to bring you right back to why you started your business. It is a gentle reminder of your value within your community. It amplifies the worthiness of your sacrifices. Because let's be honest, being an entrepreneur is an insane leap that is filled with passion, moments of insanity, sheer determination and grit.

Outsource to resource. Hire well, invest well and always have a trusted Board of advisors, these are the people that you handpick because they inspire you to be better, they give you sound neutral advice, they are brutally honest without getting personal and they LISTEN. And they are NOT family. They become the non-blood business family that help to keep you grounded and vice versa. Three trusted advisors is the magic number.

The next move you make, take a minute to think of 'John and Mary', and ask yourself what would they think? What do they like? What do they need? Work towards acquiring more 'Johns and Marys' because they are fekn sound.

Tracie Daly

At Your Service

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