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RAI insights- terrifying

An industry report carried out by the RAI and KROLL.

Restaurants Association of Ireland & Kroll

Frightening to see in writing what Hospitality and food based businesses have been worried about and as a result suffering on a daily basis.

What are your solutions?

Energy- invest in energy efficient machines/ reinvent your menu to be less energy focused. Train your team to be green. Fifty Shades Greener is an essential piece to your puzzle or your local LEO has Green for Micro- educate, learn, assess, invest, implement.

Labour- create an onboarding system that prevents you hiring the wrong individual in the first place- the cost of a wrong hire is terryfing. Train train train (time, energy, money- but essential to growth and improvement). Understand what your employees need to thrive (psychometric testing) and feed them that! Allow your team to flourish based on their strengths. Give opportunities and know exactly what they are. Sell a future!

Food costs- haggle, barter, refuse, rejig your menu. Work with those who work with you. Knowing the costs gives you control and the ability to say “no”. Rework your network, it’s so healthy to review and amend, too many shy away.

Waste- there is no need for waste! Train at every stage- goods inwards- catch it before you pay for it (critical)- prep in a way that you maximise and improve- go through your bins on the daily until you see the results then NEVER stop going through your bins! Glove up!

Menu costing- DO IT. Don’t shy away from this? What’s your gross profit margin on each dish? What’s the cash contribution from each dish? What are your KPI’s? How do you utilise this information? How do you measure this information? Pricing your dishes is CRITICAL. Mirroring us bullshit so don’t look at your neighbours for inspiration— DO THE WORK.

Hire a Food Business Coach 💪

Tracie Daly


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