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Proud to be on the Advisory Council for Chef Network

2023 has most certainly started on the right foot.

I say that with great gratitude.

Starting with the creation, formation and delivery of At The Pass which was created to bring solutions to our hospitality sector in its hour of need to being invited to be a member of the Chef Network Advisory Council to having my cheeky mug being in the Sunday Independent

I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the Chef Network Kitchen Charter This is the missing link to introducing and maintaining a positive kitchen culture.

What is Chef Network?

A community and professional network connecting chefs across the island of Ireland. Chef Network is also open to chefs at all stages of their career from student chefs to retired chefs.

Membership for Chefs & Student Chefs joining the network is completely FREE.

Why was this charter created and developed?

The Kitchen Workplace Charter was created by chefs for chefs to encourage positive change in the kitchen.

Based on 5 Principles, with key areas for action under each and examples from the chef community on how to achieve them,the charter provides guidelines that every individual kitchen can implement in a way that best suits their environment and their team.

The promise to...


Please share this with anyone who needs it or can benefit from this. The workplace charter is the difference between a thriving kitchen or a surviving kitchen!

I am over the moon to be involved in this Network and I will share all the good news and positive updates on our industry as they happen.

What a powerful January. February is looking very inviting and exciting and I'll hopefully get to see you at some stage.

If you need me then send me an email- and let's collaborate ✨

Stay fabulous and share your good news when you catch a minute x

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