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My week in review

My week in review-

A lot happens in a week and in my line of work my clients have certain needs and requirements at certain times because doing business means you must learn to handle the great and the awful!

This week was an incredible mix of Independent Food Business Owners from up and down the country needing a mixed bag of services that I provide.

For example, I had the privilege of being a Mentor & Coach to a Food Business Owner who was ready to give up and run away. They reached out as burnout descended.

I say privilege simply because I feel so honoured to be welcomed into such a private and sensitive space where my advice and guidance is trusted, welcomed and actioned. I don’t take for granted what it takes for someone who feels so incredibly vulnerable to reach out in their darkest moment.

Regardless of how bad it is, please know that by making one step to reach out can unburden yourself enough to allow you to take more small steps in the right direction. Time, empathy, understanding, compassion, grit and self forgiveness, hunger are the best ingredients you must bring to your own table if you want to get back on track.

Doing business well takes time to master.

Doing business well requires you to step outside of yourself and your comfort zone.

Doing business well requires that you fall down in order to learn how to get back up stronger.

Doing business well requires you to reach out and engage in services and expertise essential to drive you and your business forwards.

My clients identidies will always remain private because I must be able to offer a safe space where they don’t fear exposure. The sensitive nature of my work requires strict boundaries for growth and success to occur.

Working through issues with a trusted advisor can be the difference between closing and thriving. There are solutions and strategies to get back up stronger and that is also a massive part of the work I do. I then get to assist food business entrepreneurs in the growth of their business or in the opening of their food business. My work is varied and empowering, not only for me but most importantly for my clients.

My week in review

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