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Managing Change and Big Decisions

it is very exciting to be apart of a solution that is helping Irish Hospitality in its hour of need.

At The Pass launches its first webinar today, Monday the 23rd of January.

A full day online webinar (allowing anonymous attendance) for business owners still operating, to identify and address areas for potential change, provide safe and impartial information, and assist in making serious decisions.

Topics covered:

- Developing a change mindset, Linda Breathnach (psychotherapist)

- Useful Ways to Assess and Change Your Business, Keith Darcy (business coach) & Tracie Daly (food business consultant)

- Changing your public relations, Ali Dunworth (food writer & PR) & Chris Towers (food & drink PR)

- Dealing with big decisions, Declan de Lacy (administrator) & Caroline Reidy (HR consultant & employment law)

- Meeting change makers, Domini Kemp (Itsa, Hatch & Sons) & Maria Flynn (Ballymakenny Farm)

- Preparing your mind and body for change, Patrick McKeown (author & breathing coach)

- Incorporating change and avoiding overwhelm, Linda Breathnach (psychotherapist)

The wealth of knowledge and expertise is outstanding for todays event.

Here are bios for our speakers so that you know what to expect:


Linda Breathnach

Linda Breathnach is a qualified and IACP accredited Counsellor Psychotherapist with 20+ years’ experience of working with individuals, couples and groups in corporate and therapeutic spaces. Her business, TherapyandTraining,ie is skilled in presenting and facilitating psychoeducational topics in a non-intimidating, interactive and down-to-earth way that participants can relate to regardless of their profile, profession, personal circumstances or educational background.  The aim of Therapy and Training Corporate Workshops is to leave participants feeling energised and empowered about self-care and resilience as we continue to face into more unknowns in the future. Linda is also a College Lecturer at Certificate, BSc and MSc levels and a Professional Supervisor of Therapists. On a personal level, Linda is a married mum of 4 children and she knows only too well how all the current world challenges can affect us emotionally and psychologically.



Keith Darcy

Keith is an experienced Business Advisor, qualified Management Accountant (CIMA) and Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) with Institute of Bankers Ireland. 

Having worked for over 20 years in Financial Services, most recently with Ulster Bank as a senior manager in their Business Banking division he has a wealth of knowledge from dealing with all sectors of the SME market. 

Over the past 5 years he has advised clients of several Local Enterprise Offices in relation to all matters relating to Financial and Business, ranging from MFI Loan applications, Grant applications to General Business advise. 

He has an in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by business, the pressure they are under and the limiting factors in which they often have to operate.



Tracie Daly

Tracie Daly is a passionate award-winning entrepreneur, qualified executive business coach, and chef, who helps hospitality business owners to unlock their full potential -  increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving their operations overallWith a wealth of knowledge and industry experience in the Food and Education sectors, her advice and problem-solving skills are very much based on regular everyday food service and hospitality queries and dilemmas. Having chosen to specialise in working with SME’s in the casual dining space, she designs and executes bespoke food business models and empowers owners to transform their businesses, ensuring long-term sustainable growth. Adept at streamlining operational processes to increase business efficiencies and with an innovative approach to recipe testing and menu development that results in measurable business improvements, working directly with Tracie has already helped many food business owners right across the country to minimise risk.


Ali Dunworth

Ali Dunworth is a food consultant, writer, cook and creative. You are just as likely to find her filming or tweeting from a food festival or the latest restaurant opening as recipe testing in the kitchen. As ‘That Alice’, Ali offers media, marketing and social solutions to all types of food related business. Her skill set includes TV & video production, cooking, food styling, food & recipe writing, content creation and management and sometimes even butchery…


Chris Towers

Chris Towers is founder of Food Story, a PR agency focusing on assisting growers, producers, cafes and restaurants with PR, marketing and events. Prior to starting Food Story, Chris spent over 13 years as a marketer with an ad agency and has client side experience in the UK and Ireland. He has held Marketing Manager roles in the Irish Food & Hospitality industry for the past 7 years or so, working across a number of different areas; from award-winning cookery schools to major food festivals, artisan food producers, leading Food PR agencies and Michelin-starred chefs.


Declan de Lacy

Declan de Lacy is Partner / Director at PKF O'​ Connor, Leddy & Holmes Limited, where he

leads the firm’s advisory and restructuring department. Declan assists clients from a broad range of sectors with strategic planning, project appraisal, and project finance. Declan also advises directors of companies that are considering winding up due to insolvency or because they have ceased trading. He is frequently appointed as liquidator by shareholders, creditors and by the High Court. Declan also assists clients from a broad range of sectors with strategic planning, project appraisal, and project finance.


Caroline Reid

Caroline Reidy is the Managing Director of The HR Suite and a HR and Employment Law Expert. Caroline is a former member of the Low Pay Commission and is also an adjudicator in the Work Place Relations Commission. Top trainer and presenter, keynote speaker, expert investigator, mediator, WRC Adjudication Officer and owner of The HR Suite.

She has also completed a Masters in Human Resources in the University of Limerick, she is CIPD accredited as well as being a trained mediator. Caroline had worked across various areas of HR for over 20 years in Kerry Group and in the retail and hospitality sector where she was the Operations and HR Director of the Garvey Group prior to setting up The HR Suite in 2009.



Domini Kemp

Domini Kemp is one of Ireland's leading food entrepreneurs. She is a co-founder of ITSA, Hatch & Sons, Alchemy Juice Co and Joe's, as well as Feast catering & events. She is MD of the ITSA food group and oversees the running of 12 locations and five brands, employing a team of 110. Domini is also a food-writer, author of five cookbooks, has completed an MA in Gastronomy & Food Studies, currently studying an MA in Positive Health at RCSI, and is currently enrolled in IoD Chartered Director Programme.


Maria Flynn

Maria Flynn is Company Owner at Ballymakenny Farm Heritage and Speciality Potatoes, where together with her husband David, Maria grows speciality and heritage potatoes alongside some speciality vegetables too. Maria is an advocate of sustainable growing practices, and has been innovative in terms of reinventing their business model from traditional commercial potato growers, to specialty potatoes for the restaurant and chef trade, to setting up a Spud-Shack for the general public during Covid.



Patrick McKeown

Patrick McKeown is creator, CEO and Director of Education and Training at Oxygen Advantage®, Director of Education and Training at Buteyko Clinic International and President of Buteyko Professionals International. He is a leading international expert on breathing and sleep, and author of bestselling books including The Oxygen Advantage. His focus — to empower more people every day to breathe better, feel better and achieve their potential.

Patrick’s interest in breath training began when he discovered the Buteyko Breathing Method, aged 26. After a lifetime of asthma medication and inhalers, he found immediate relief from his symptoms, and has remained asthma-free ever since. He traveled to Moscow, Russia, to learn from Dr. Konstantin Buteyko, and was accredited to teach the Buteyko Method in 2002

Our aim is that you get essential knowledge and tools that you can apply to your business to elevate its operations and earning potential while also looking after yourself.

Proud to be apart of this initiative.

Happy Monday folks.


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