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How I decided to do what I do…

It was 5years ago when I decided to become a Food Business Coach or what I now refer to it as “Tracie Daly The Fixer”.

The background to that statement:

I was in a room filled with Food Business Entrepreneurs. They either had 1) a dream to open a food business or 2) were currently operating a food business. In this room of incredible people, I was the one who already owned and had run an award-winning Cafe. Because of this, I became the go-to person and sounding board. Accidentally, I was advising and mentoring without fully realising I was advising and mentoring. I saved one business owner €30k because I reviewed her kitchen layout and told her that she did not need half of the equipment being "sold" to her based on her menu and business plan. This was a pivotal moment in my career progression and development as I realised my lived experience set me apart from everyone else.

As I mentioned, I owned and ran an award-winning cafe. But something that was missing from the food and drink industry, in my opinion, was business and personal coaching and business strategy development and deployment.

As a result I embarked on a journey to study in the space of Coaching and Psychology for Business development and leadership. As far as I was concerned, this was the missing link. I had already completed 4 years in DIT Cathal Brugha St in Hotel & Catering Management and a certificate in chefing from Ballymaloe.

At no stage in my education, training and experience was Coaching and positive psychology an essential component or subject to doing business well. It simply didn’t exist and was not valued or recognised. I knew that I had to be the difference and marry it all together to ensure food business owners had the best opportunity to succeed through hiring my services because success is 80% psychology and 20% grit.

I must also mention that I had also being in the company of bullies and bullshiters throughout my hospitality industry career so I had seen the side of the industry nobody likes to talk about. The many interesting and unspeakable experiences ensured I was going to separate myself from those behaviours through embarking on a journey of education, learning and research. This had been the missing link because without it I could not grow. Now, as a result in that self investment I get to call myself Ireland's FIRST Food Business Coach.

I now get to work with Food Business Owners all over Ireland who need the injection of my expertise, lived experience, and no bullsh*t approach. As a result, we, as a collection through collaboration, are improving:

- how my client- the business owner shows up (it is such a tough space to master but essential for success)

- how the business minimises waste and maximises on profits

- how the business improves processes in order to improve in all areas and solidify its foundations

- how the owner values improving their business offering through the onsite reviews that I carry out.

- reviewing and writing profit driven menus and standardising recipes

- implementing KPI’s critical for stabilisation, growth and success…

Running a business takes a village. I am simply one component that is essential for true and sustainable success to occur.

Let's collaborate.

I work with food business owners so let us ensure that you and your business get onto the right track to stabilisation and profit driven. You deserve for your business to reward you, your team and your community.

Book your one hour Business Development Session today and let's get started:

Stop waiting and create action and momentum 💪

Tracie Daly

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