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Starting is the hardest part!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Tracie Daly


Starting a business is of course great, it means you have found something that drives and inspires you. It is also grueling getting through all of the nitty gritty before you get your first proper paycheck in over a year!!! I did things a little differently as in I took a year off to "find myself". What a glorious cliche that I honestly thought would never ever fall into my lap!!!!!! I had thrown myself into rewarding work after I closed my first business closed its beautiful doors. What i actually did was run away and work until I couldn't think. My job became all consuming and i permitted it. Closing a business you loved and married is bloody tough. The true learning from that experience is still filtering in, and I closed that business in 2011!!!

The last year I threw myself into studying. - I completed a start your own business course with Kilkenny LEO - I completed a course on instagram for business - I completed a PR and media - I completed a course in basic book-keeping and taxation - I completed my train the trainer course - I completed the Business of Food - I completed my food handling certificate - I attended a Kilkenny retail program and availed of a forensic accountant for a friends business - I am now Tracie Daly MEMCC as I completed an Advanced Diploma in Executive Coaching and Leadership - I am waiting to start my Certificate in Food Styling and Food Photography I have traveled up an down the country at my own expense to talk to entrepreneurs who are at every stage in their business to see what i could offer them before i finalised my plans for this new venture. I needed to know i had more than is needed to stand proud behind my product and services. The journey has been worth it. You have to self-inspire to continue as a solo operator. You need a focus, you need realistic goals, you need action plans and time frames. If you have all of that you can be anything.

What a difference a year makes!!!!!!!!! 

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