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Gorgeous Aprons by Tracie

When a moment of madness turns into a fully fledged online shop!!!!!!

I always try to push myself. For many reasons and one being to learn more and the other is to eat my own words!!! I love being able to consult and mentor in areas I know a lot about. So it’s important for me to understand what my clients needs are and running an award winning Café and small bakery I have completed, setting up and running an award winning food truck I have also completed, being a senior teacher in a world renowned cookery school I have completed, helping entrepreneurs all over the world 🌎 I currently do on a daily basis. But running an online store I knew NOTHING about until NOW!

If you are going to talk the talk then the least you can do is walk the walk! I say this because I spent four years saying “I’m going to sell aprons”. I spent four years thinking about it then 6 months ago I said “ENOUGH“, “just bloody DO IT”!

It’s some buzz to be fair. With that said… There was an emergency phone-call to my big brother in Canada 🍁 asking him “AM I MAD” 🤣 To which he replied “absolutely not, go all in” I also know first hand that entrepreneurs need to be part crazy in order to be entrepreneurs so he gets it and thankfully he gets me!

So along with running my actual business “Tracie Daly Food Business Coach” I also have started a business within my business called “Gorgeous Aprons by Tracie”.

I hope you find something you like and I hope you love receiving beautifully packaged parcels in the post because finishing touches and that feeling of receiving something special is so important to me.

Happy browsing and happy shopping lovelies x

Any questions just shoot me off an email today

To browse and shop click here:

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