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COVID-19 Christmas

Eat, Drink & Be Merry and wash your hands, and wear your mask, and sterilise before the customer sits, clean the menu's, stand away, keep your distance, maintain hygiene and service standards, say hello and smile with your eyes!

Christmas 2019 is different. The best way to deal with this is DO NOT FIGHT IT. Get excited about reaching and surpassing sales goals and the creativity around achieving this.

Everyone is panicking, everyone is daunted about this new reality. Take comfort in knowing you are not alone. Focus on your customer and what it is they want and need from your product and service and ensure you meet a high standard and offer EXTRA value this Christmas.

Use testimonials on your social media- grab hold of customer impact to capture more leads. Highlight your impact on your fabulous customers by sharing their words to your advantage.

Look at your window! Create a plan around achieving something extra special this Christmas. Choose a theme and develop it. Use window decals, choose white if you can't settle on a colour and use LIGHTS to catch the eye of potential customers who are strolling by and have now been drawn in.

Ensure your menu is simple and delicious and travels well. Takeaway is the new sit-down so consider the end product and its journey before it makes it onto your menu!

Have stocking fillers already wrapped and ready to go. Have one sample to highlight what is inside but take the hassle out of stocking fillers by enticing that 'small' sale that will amount to a hell of a lot in your till.

Offer VALUE! Wrapping and collection of gifts safely.

Seasonal wrapping- a bow.

A mince pie and mulled wine TO-GO.

A Christmas Balloon with every purchase.

A Christmas tree decoration with every purchase.

A voucher to redeem in January. Encourage repeat business.

A carol singer outside your business.

A drive to give to charity- percentage of every sale! Or a percentage of a chosen day sales in a week!

Get creative and think EXPERIENCE. What can you do to ensure you offer a memorable and fun experience that will ensure your customer feels extra special and VALUED?

Create hampers using your products and services. For many people shopping isn't all that much fun so do the work for them. Remove decision making for those that require that service. Simplify their experience.

Personal shopping service. Offer to pick and choose for them.

Create your offering.

Write it down.

Fine-tune it.

Keep a diary especially for the Christmas season.

Monitor what worked and what didn't.

Create a timeline around this year's approach and make notes around its success or how you need to do it differently next year.

Know it inside and out.

Train your staff around sales, upselling, Covid safety and how to represent the CEAD MILE FAILTE with each and every customer. You only get one chance!

SMILE- GENUINELY. Have fun, let the staff offer ideas and suggestions and implement the ones that resonate. If they are enjoying themselves then your customers will feed off of their good energy.

To go in blindly will ensure more hurdles than is necessary.

You choose- a winning organised formula or a frustrating, torturous and painful formula of disorganisation!!!

Tomorrow is the best time to start thinking about next year.

Think longterm to achieve sustainability and edge.

Hire well.


Tracie Daly At Your Service.

Food | Business | Coach


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