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Updated: May 25, 2020

Tracie Daly.

Food Business Coach.

It has been such a long journey to get to here.

Even the word JOURNEY means so bloody much!

"You can refer to a person's experience of changing or developing from one state of mind to another as a journey."

The setback is now the comeback. That sentence alone, those 5 words have caused the Nation to embark on the most significant journey we have ever seen or endured.

We all share in this wild story. How it has impacted and affected us is now our reality.

Today we mark the opening of Hardware stores and Garden centres. It is a step in the right direction. Wishing them every success in navigating their new reality.

Every other day through social media we are witnessing the GRIT and RESILIENCE that Ireland has always been renowned for. Going LIVE or IGTV shows of all descriptions are on fire on Instagram, the nation teaching us to do the most random and clever creations, it is bountiful and beautiful to see the level of GRIT and RESILIENCE Irish entrepreneurs possess. Watching and learning from other businesses has been immense, people are unafraid to share trade secrets or recommendations or sharing the what not to do's. This influx is from people with skill and talents that are no longer afraid to demonstrate it publically.

The positives behind these moves are tenfold. 1) you got out of your comfort zone. 2) you pumped new energy into your veins and released your inner beast of resilience. 3) you have grown your social media presence which in the long run can positively affect your future businesses gain. 4) you remained alive and continued to communicate through uncertainty which offers your customers past and future comfort in knowing you didn't go to ground. 5) you thought beyond yourself and pushed your boundaries which is where real growth lives.

What if you sit still and consider your strategy?

Have an actual idea of what you want your future to really look like.

Risk and chance buys short-term gain, strategic planning buys longterm stability.

You choose what game you play.

You choose if you hire well and employ strategically in order to create a future that lasts beyond tomorrow.

Remember- changing and developing are natural parts of your journey, go with it and stop fighting it.

Wishing you well on your journeys of survival and thriving is an option for those who THINK BIG and HIRE WELL.

Tracie Daly


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