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10 minute supper

The better the ingredients the less you have to do!

- the best chicken broth you can get your hands on (homemade is stunning but not always accessible)

- organic eggs (or the best eggs you can get your hands on)

- Peanut Rãyu, I used Chan Chan ☘️black Garlic Rãyu (fricken unreal)

- rice noodles

- garlic- thinly sliced

- Maldon sea salt

- crispy onions

- add greens or chicken/ pork if you have it (my fridge offerings were pathetic hence the lack of greens 😂)

Everytime we have a roast chicken dinner I make a delicious broth from the carcass and bones.

Broth: in a pot place the chicken carcass (pull it apart/ hack it up using a cleaver- breaking through bone is good as it releases the Margie and even more nourishmen), add in chunky cut carrots, halved onions (no skins- discolours the broth), cover fully in cold water and bring slowly up to a boil then simmer for 3 hours.

Carefully strain and retain the broth and fat. Allow to cool then chill. Leave the fat to solidify- this acts as a preservative and allows the stock to last longer as it stops it from denaturing and oxidising. Once the fat is interrupted, use within three days. Otherwise freeze in pint measures. Keep the fat to spread on toast or to roast your veggies in!

Bring a saucepan of water to the boil and add salt then. Carefully pop in one egg per portion for each diner. Bring back to the boil and time for 6mins exactly. Remove from the heat, peel in cold water (otherwise your fingertips will burn) but act quickly because a warm egg is what you want. set aside while you prepare the rest…..

In a saucepan heat a portion of stock per mouths to feed! Peel and thinly slice one garlic clove per mouth to feed and add to the stock along with a generous pinch of sea salt. Once boiling add rice noodles and simmer for two mins then take off the heat and allow the residual heat do the rest of the cooking.

Grab a serving bowl and ladle in your stock and rice noodles. Half your egg over the bowl (don’t lose any of that delicious runny yolk!). Place the cut egg on top and spoon over some Chan Chan Black Garlic Rayü and sprinkle over fried onions.

This can blow your head off depending on how much Rayü you use so you gotta love heat to love this dish!

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