Image by Joseph Gonzalez

What they say...

  • Tracie Daly is contentious, highly inspiring, and motivating.  She is one of the most hardworking people I know and will give her utmost to point you in the right direction of success.


  • Tracie came to train our team over the last two summers and helped me and my team to be more productive with our time management skills, communication, and self-confidence. I loved the way she encouraged us to chat at the end of every service, sharing our feedback about what we could improve next time or what went wrong over the day. She did a great job designing ideas which helped us to save time at work while we were keeping our customers happy at the same time. And of course, the way she designed the outdoor cafe was awesome! I have to say I was so inspired by her. Tracie is really enthusiastic and self-motivated and once you get to work with her you'll also find her energy contagious.


Marble Surface

2019 Proudly created in Medieval Kilkenny!