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International Women's Day 2023


Blessed is she amongst women!

Working in rural and not-so-rural Ireland is truly magnificent as I see the countryside most dream of! I also get to meet food business owners who are dripping in passion and love for their ingredients, products, team members, and local communities. Through this work as Ireland's first Food Business Coach, I get many wonderful opportunities to talk to audiences that are also brimming with a passion that is Irish loud, and proud.

Huge thank you to Jacinta Dalton who is changing our Industry for the better, every day.

Beach Fench

Sunday Sanity

Leaving this to chance means that you are not valuing yourself enough or your time. As a business owner, you reflect and portray how seriously you take yourself- SHOW UP AND OWN IT!

Sunday Sanity will help you to

1- offload

2- unburden your brain

3- make sense of your week

4- make sense of your business

5- create clarity

6- create focus

7- get important SHIT done

8- to level-up

Stop playing SMALL!

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