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Tracie Daly has over 25 years of Industry Experience.

Doing Business is like making a three-tier cake!

If the bottom tier isn't supported and well made it will crumble from the pressure of the top 2 tiers. No matter how well constructed the top 2 tiers might be, the foundations are critical to success. Tracie starts with your foundations first in order to help you create the business you know you deserve. The 3 focus areas are:

1- Improved mindset through monthly Coaching.

2- Maximising profits through analysis and review.

3- Operational improvements to strengthen the foundations.

What we do...

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20% funded by Skillnet

1:1 Onsite visits

Put your business needs first and invest in 1:1 onsite visits where we collaborate to improve your business from all angles and make you more money overnight. These services occur inside your business so that the value is solely relevant to you, your team, and your business. 

Restaurant & Hospitality Skillnet is funding three 1:1 services by 20%.

Healthy Food

Our Clients

Our Clients are all Independent Food Business Owners. Their businesses fall into two categories:

1- Idea to start-up which is 0-3yrs old

2- Established which is 3+ yrs old

The types of Food Businesses that we collaborate with are:

- Cafes

- Restaurants

- Gastro Pubs

- Guest Houses

- Farmers Market holders

The problems we solve:

- Cashflow issues with an onsite assessment and review

- Revenue-building strategies

- Menu review and Menu Engineering to increase Gross Profit Margins

- Gap analysis of the current state to the desired state and a bespoke plan

- Coaching the business owner to success

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