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Are you looking to employ a chef in your home kitchen/ cafe kitchen/ food production kitchen or for dinner parties? Then look no further!


The Thermomix TM6 is the most amazing piece of kit that is so highly intelligent and efficient. It minimises human error and GUARANTEES success every time! 

You do not need any previous cooking capabilities to operate this machine.

You do not need to be a Michelin star Chef to operate this machine. 

You do not have to enjoy cooking to operate this machine.

You can create incredible dishes in less time by using this machine.

For passionate foodies, this machine is the epitome of perfection.

THe THERMOMIX TM6 does the job of 20 appliances!!!!! It is a weighing scale, a blender, it chops, beats, blends, cooks, whips, mills, kneads, minces, it ferments, boils, steams, pulverises, slow-cook, sous-vide, emulsify...

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Tracie Daly

Thermomix Advisor 

Business Coach and Mentor

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