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Since a dot, food has always been my way of life. In every area food was the connection, the glue, and the backbone. This progression to Food-Business-Coach was always meant to be! My areas of expertise include How to Sart a New Business Advisor, Business Mentor, Cafe Consultant, Freelance Recipe Tester and Business Coach.

I once owned and ran a fabulous Coffee Shop. It was lucky enough to have won the best casual dining Kilkenny. From that experience, I  know how hard it is to open a brand new business and equally how hard it is to close a business and what's involved in the journey back. It had to be what it was for it to be what it is!  My aim is to ensure you come through Covid-19 in good shape.


For nearly a decade of my life, I carried the title of Senior Teacher at the world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School.  While there I also had the pleasure of setting up, putting systems in place, creating the menu and running Darina's food truck in its very first season and every summer season after that, my annual role became one of training in the food trucks, seasonal teams. With immense pride, we now hold the BEST FOOD TRUCK IN IRELAND award from Georgina Campbell. 

My advice and problem-solving skills are based on actual foodservice and hospitality industry experience. By hiring TDAYS you run the risk of unlocking your full potential by increasing sales, reducing costs, and improving your operation. Through TDAYS services you are provided with human capital in the form of skills, knowledge, experience, training, teaching, mentoring, coaching, and consulting! My objective for you and your business is long-term sustainable growth through better systems and consistency in all areas.

My promise- I will take the time to listen and understand your situation, operations, and objectives. I will then analyse your requirements, consider all options and deliver tailor-made solutions.


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