The Kitchen Takeover is a fantastic option for a business that is struggling to keep up with demand, that is losing money hand over fist, or where the head chef has lost their mojo, or the food waste is bigger than the food sales. I arrive in my chef whites and work day-in-day-out with your team for two weeks and assess the current operation- menu planning, recipe writing, ordering, stock rotation,  prep, waste and all of the systems that may no longer work and as a result, are costing you money. I work with the front of house team also to ensure both departments are cohesive and after two weeks I leave having implemented a better menu and leaving the teams re-invigorated and ready to work smarter not harder in order to make you more money**.


* Travel and accommodation is extra.

** It is two weeks back to back with 2 mystery shops that includes a kitchen tour that occurs within three months after the Kitchen Takeover has occurred. The fear of my return ensures standards are maintained. I instil pride in your team and that is the glue to maintain standards long after I leave.

The Kitchen Takeover