Implementing a PUB MENU can be a little daunting and that's where I come in. Part of my process is to understand your current offering so it starts with a minimum of one visit to assess your premises, the location and its surrounds, getting a feel for the area and clientele and to see what your competitors are offering.

From here I gain a better understanding and awareness of the premises, the equipment and facilities on-site and as a result, I can envisage the potential when designing your bespoke menu. 

After the initial meet and greet and from your instruction, I will create a bespoke menu with recipes to match and a plan for its implementation.


The tough conversation-


My hourly rate is €79. I start the clock when I sit in my car.

The initial meet and greet will take roughly 1 day (to include travel). The menu and recipe development will also take one day. You receive a menu, a bespoke recipe book, serving suggestions, recommended portions, with an emphasis on utilising your kitchen and your equipment. The aim is to use what you have without causing you any more expense. Your menu will have a dual purpose- any leftovers and then the clever use of those leftovers to ensure little to no waste. The beauty of your recipe booklet is to help with on-site training of cooks rather than chefs, to encourage standardisation of product and to achieve consistency day in day out.

In total 16 hours.

Expenses are extra (diesel, accommodation- rarely necessary)





When the menu is finalised and sent to you, you have a few options:

  • Contact me when you are facing any challenges and I can talk you through it over the phone or through video call ( You could look at my 'Call me anytime' package. This is a brilliant service that ensures you are never alone and you always have expert advice at the end of the phone).
  • Bring me back to train staff and ensure correct methods and presentations are being implemented from the get-go (You could look at my 'Food Business Consultation one-day' package where I would tailor the day on specific areas)
  • Finish our contract and carry on. There is no obligation to continue a business relationship. Once you are happy then we achieved what we set out to achieve. I would call this a WIN.
  •  I would recommend a 'Mystery Shop' after no more than three months to ensure everything is going to plan and to highlight minor observations that require minor tweaks always ensuring progression is paramount.

The right option will present itself to you once the initial stage is carried out.