Food Business Consultation starts with a conversation to assess needs, aims, and goals. A mystery shop occurs in order to get a genuine feel of what is needed. It is the beginning of a journey where your food business takes centre stage and together we create strategic plans in ensuring positive change, increasing revenue, training staff, perfecting menu and food offerings, looking at visuals (interior, set-up, plating and garnishes). My recipe is to collaborate in order to ensure you are part of every step.

It is intensive and worth the energy as progression is key to survival.

You will then receive feedback and recommendations of where you need to focus your attention, what little tweaks you can implement immediately and what long-term changes you must begin to implement in order to get your business to a higher standard.



*Travel and expenses are extra.

Food Business Consultation 1 Day

€549.00 Regular Price
€450.00Sale Price
  • The hourly rate does not include travel and other expenses. These are added on at the end. The meter begins when i sit in my car. Transparency is key to building relationships.