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The comeback is happening.

Updated: May 25, 2020

Tracie Daly.


What a display of Irish resilience and solidarity all over social media right now.

Watching entrepreneurs get with the changes, rolling with the punches and adapting like the professionals they have always been is heart warming to watch. The measured control and adherence to so many new protocols is outstanding. Having to train and retrain in order to break old habits of a life time to implement stricter life saving measures in order to encourage cash flow- the life blood of all small businesses and the oxygen necessary for there survival.

I hope that is energy enough to instill hope. Watch your competitors, learn from them, pick up the phone and chat with them. Right now entrepreneurs are in their most caring and sharing state, utilise it to your advantage but remember to give as much as you take. A selfish entrepreneur will be remembered and talked about long after COVID-19 leaves our nation and our world. We are programmed to talk excessively about the negative so don't become a statistic!

- happy encounter you will tell 10 people.

- unhappy encounter you will tell 15/20 people

Looking outside of your circle will increase your chances of survival.

Hire well and be brave.


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