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The Chimp Paradox- great book

Updated: May 25, 2020

Tracie Daly


This book contributes considerably to the Coaching Profession. It unveils the mechanics of self-destruction within our brains. It cleanly details the pitfalls that our brains encounter continuously and how we can responsibly and constructively manage to live our best lives. If a client does not follow through on their agreed actions, I now better understand the reasons why or I understand the behaviours, attitudes and thoughts that may have caused them to relapse or neglect their plan.

How we communicate internally has a lasting impact on our mental health and affects our path in life. It dictates our tone, our facial expressions our verbal dialogue with others, our ability to shape and form relationships. To succeed we must self-love and appreciate our very own internal brain mechanics.

A Gremlin may put you under pressure by saying internally ‘I have to make a good impression’ this can cause pressure, anxiety, fear of failure and panic. Once you register the negative impact of that thought you can replace that statement with ‘I can only be myself and what they make of that is up to them’. This new statement allows you room to breathe. You recreate your own cleaner healthier language that you input into your real life auto pilot so you can speak in a more productive way to yourself. You utilise truth and logic to remain grounded.

Always try to listen to your logical human and take your crazy moody chimp with a grain of salt. Jumping to conclusions causes unnecessary pain. Knowing the facts and reacting with the facts has a stabilising effect. The ‘human’ part of our brain puts in autopilots and the ‘chimp’ part of our brain puts in gremlins.

To achieve and live a better fuller life with a more informed relaxed true self we must develop ourselves. Time must be spent working on ourselves. Develop yourself, manage your chimp, remove your gremlins and communicate effectively, to develop your personality takes time and investment.

The chimp hijacks the human and to recognise this is the start to recovery and inputting the correct information to your computer so your chimp is managed is vital.

Your mindset affects the presentation of your personality. The characteristics that you want to flourish within you need action plans to bring them out. An open-mind, great resources (family, friends, colleagues, mentor) and creating realistic and achievable actions in a realistic time scale will help bring the real you to every event and party.

Preconceived ideas and expectations mixed with prejudice can cause serious pain and disappointment. Unburdening yourself of these means a simpler more fulfilling life with an abundance of fun encounters. If your chimp is negative initially then it can take 7 more encounters to change your opinion. So sizing people up can be detrimental to making friends and bonds so leave your judgements behind.

To handle your chimp you must communicate and listen to your chimp. At times your chimp can be very helpful (if it’s a fight/ flight/ hide scenario then your chimp will dictate immediately) but it usually is the opposite so the human must discuss with the chimp an issue, the human can take on board relevant chimp points and concerns so that the chimp is involved and represented. The chimp retaliates ten-fold if it is neglected so be mindful.

Should Versus Could

Utilising productive language has a profound impact on your thoughts that in turn affect your world. By swopping these two words you resolve possible failures by replacing it with opportunity, choice, possibility and hope ‘I could read this book again and learn even more the second time around’ V’s ‘ I should read this book again’ my tone and body language changes from each word, could evokes hope and should gets your back up.

The GROW Model, CIA, Eliciting Greatness and Provocative Language is evident throughout this book.

An Autopilot Blueprint for dealing with instant stress I enjoyed as it is a more detailed version of C.I.A. (Control Influence Accept). It is a clever blueprint for learning how to stay grounded and utilise logic self over crazy chimp. It is a very positive tool that will be of great benefit to me going forward.

 THE MORAL OF THIS STORY IS:  BUY THE BOOK AND READ IT!!! Get to know your Chimp to order to know yourself.

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