There is no excuse for sh*t pictures!

Tracie will assess your current platforms and tell you what areas need immediate improvement. Promote your business on all of your social media channels and get in the game by producing mouth-watering photography from your phone.

This onsite training will take place in your place of business so that we can utilise your space and props fully in order to show the potential that lies at the ends of your fingertips. It is an intensive mornings training where Tracie will look at your phone, explain what it can do, show you how to use it fully and take you through different apps that will ensure your business is seen through mouth-watering imagery. 

Tracie will also bring you through scheduling and how best to use Instagram.

Tracie will show you how to create 'reels' and talk in-depth about using hashtags and how they positively impact your posts.

This one-on-one training will ensure your social media and food photography abilities are improved immensely. Book fast before your competitors do, time waits for no man or woman!


*Travel expenses are extra (diesel). An extra cost after completion.

*Training is intensive for 3 hours

Cafe Consultant, Food Business Coach and Mentor


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